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Replace your existing switch with a modern touch switch. The Touch Panel for Micro and the Wireless Touch Panel can integrate with an Aeotec Micro controller or talk directly with your Z-Wave network, and each can have up to 4 touch switches.

z-wave touch switch
Touch glass.
It’s the cool touch of glass that greets your every press of the Touch Panel for Micro, and a soft blue light that illuminates from behind it.
electrical switch
Mains powered.
From its touch panel to its soft-blue lights to its wireless technology, Touch Panel for Micro is powered by mains electricity.
wireless switch
Wireless editions.
While Touch Panel for Micro connects directly to a micro controller, we’ve also crafted the Wireless Touch Panel.
z-wave switch
Replaces existing switch.
Touch Panel for Micro isn’t complex – in fact it uses the same wiring as any switch and Z-Wave micro controller installation. It simply replaces your existing switch.
black or white switch
Black and white.
Match Touch Panel for Micro with your home’s deco, complementing its curved aluminium sides with black or white glass.
4 buttons
Touch Panel for Micro is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, each fitting with the different wall switch dimensions used worldwide.
diy installation
Easy install.
Touch Panel for Micro is simple to install, with only a few, low-powered wires to connect to a Micro controller.
z-wave switch
Z-Wave inside.
Each Touch Panel for Micro is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s products: Z-Wave.

Where to buy Touch Panel for Micro.

Touch Panel for Micro is available for purchase at the following online retailers:

Smart Living Technology, Smart Living Technology, SmartHome.com.au

New Zealand.
Active Automation

United States.

product information
Further information.
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